Shemuscle Rica Naked Workout

shemuscle rica
Rica is a super hot babe with some serious woman muscle. She loves to train all day long and then come home to a super sexy fuck. Her long brown hair flows around her shoulders as she flexes her powerful muscles. She knows how to cut loose and have a good time, and she also has a seriously powerful sex drive. She loves to lay a man down and get up on top of him, riding the way she wants to. She’s all alone in this video, though. Won’t you check her out?
shemuscle rica video

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Megan Avalon Shemuscle Pussy


Megan Avalon knows that she is a beautiful shemuscle babe. She loves the way her tanned body looks in her clothing. She loves it and it turns this babe on. She moves, flexing her muscles and slowly strips. As she strips, she begins to play with her pretty shemuscle pussy. She gets her favorite toy and puts a death grip on it with her strong pussy muscles.

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Muscle Girl Nikki Jackson


Nikki Jackson is hot and when she gets hot, she loves getting in the shower. This shemuscle babe knows that she looks good in and out of clothes but she loves how she looks when she’s wet. She gets in the show and gets even hotter. As she is playing and stripping in the shower, she starts to masturbate. This shemuscle beauty loves the way the water feels on her bare clit.

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Ripped Vixen Shows Her Clit

This shemuscle babe is one that knows she looks good. She has worked hard for her body and shows it off to perfection. This is a beauty that commands the room with her shemuscle. She flexes her muscles and gives a peek at her distended clit. Ripped Vixen strips and shows what her pretty body and full clit looks like. She is shemuscle perfection.

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Aziani Iron DD Big Clit and Pussy

aziani iron pussy

DD is a shemuscle babe through and through. She loves getting dressed up in her favorite little black dress and heels. She knows that her tanned, muscled body makes the dress a bold statement. As she puts her shemuscle body into the dress, she can’t help but get turned on. Rather than waste it, she plays with her pussy and feeds a dildo to her hungry pussy.

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Big Clit Angela Getting Naked

dirty muscle angela

Angela Salvagno is the epitome of feminine meets badass.  This exotic and erotic bodybuilding babe is ripped and stripped to the nth degree, and you’ll love watching her sensuously suck her finger and run her hands all over her tanned and powerful body.  You could practically cut yourself on those ultra-defined calf muscles and diamond nipples.  That rock hard six pack, those straining biceps, and clenched glutes complement just about the best set of tits we’ve ever seen.  And just when you think your heart can’t take another moment, she rubs and teases that engorged clit for you.  This babe knows how to put on a show.

Shemuscle Porn

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Rhonda Lee Quaresma Pumping Iron

Rhonda Lee Quaresma

Smoking hot and sultry bodybuilder Rhonda Lee Quaresma takes a punishing workout to a whole new level in this video of her pumping iron and her pussy in the gym.  Check out the way her ropy veins snake under her bronzed skin as she benches, and how those ginormous tits heave up and down with each powerful movement.  Her tatted abs are flat and hard as washboards, and her engorged pussy and big clit also get plenty of her and your attention as she masturbates to finish off her athlete’s high.   This brunette and buff beauty is sheer perfection!

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Muscle Babe Vivian Flexing

sexy muscle vivian

Vivian is ripped and randy as she poses seductively in her bedroom.  This cropped haired cutie positively glows with sex and power as she shows off her granite biceps, tatted abs, amazing glutes, powerful thighs and vascular, rippling forearms.   Vivian could give someone in not as good of shape a coronary when she bends that gorgeous ass over in her thong, giving you a full-on view of just about the most sculpted yet feminine ass we’ve ever seen.  And just wait until Vivian shows you what else starts with a “V.”  She’s the perfect blend of fit, fiery, and feisty – just what we like in a woman!

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SheMuscle Wenona in The Gym Undressing

We decided to bring the beautiful Wenona back for you all. We wanted to share some of her best assets off and by that I mean her naked muscles and top notch pussy. This female bodybuilder knows alot about getting big and working her muscles to the core. She’s even been able to place in some local bodybuilding shows. I love Wenona! Check out more of here here at!

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Muscle Girl KO Sexy Photoshoot

KO is one of the most famous female muscle girls on the internet. Her videos are all over YouTube and she’s featured in many different muscle sex sites. Her most famous video is the watermelon crushing clip. It’s got millions of views on sites. We took a more snesual approach here and decided to depict her as sexy as possible. Don’t you just want her so bad? Download all of her videos at Shemuscle today!

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